My 2011 Wishlist

So predictions are fun, but what’s even more fun is imagining a 2011 where all the tech I wishes came into fruition, including a social network which would actually fuel progress:

1. Giant touchscreen tablets on walls in stores.
Customers can browse for clothes online from the collection that might go with what they’re picking out, or confirm there’s a matching jacket for suit pants.

2. Bluetooth Augmented Reality sunglasses.
I would no longer have to walk into lampposts/newstands/other pedestrians while I follow the little blue dot on my iPhone via Foursquare or Google Maps.

3. Chem Connect: An American Chemical Society sponsored website.
Why the ACS? I like them. They also have a for profit center within their organization which publishes articles that would incentivize supporting a site for them by driving customers. Mainly they have the critical component: An established network. Their membership would fuel the initial site population and encourage others to join. More on this later…

4. IBM Solutions for Regular Businesses
IBM likes to make big solutions for big problems like traffic congestion in Amsterdam and isn’t that so cool, but you know what would be great? If they fixed the logistics for airlines and I would never have to sleep over in Minneapolis again. Unless I wanted to…cough, cough.

5. Wireless Electricity

No more cords, no more plugs, no more converters, no more fighting with other Starbuck’s patrons. According to Nikola Tesla, an engineer during Edison’s time, this was theoretically even experimentally possible. Apparently GE just didn’t find it’s development fast enough.

6. I had two more but I lost them due to WordPress’s malfunction. To be continued….!


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