Ok real quick so I don’t clog up my Twitter stream with thoughts about this. I just logged into MySpace after I realized a certain Kari O’Brien, aka “sweetcheeks”, comes up in the top ten on a Google Search of my name. It’s bad enough I have to figure out how the SEO the apostrophe in my last name, but now I have to fight sweetcheeks? Moving on…

Things I noticed on logging in:
1. Message from August 2010 from MySpace promoting a Facebook & Twitter “sync”. Isn’t Facebook a competitor and Twitter the ever-evolving internet addiction? Why would MySpace think we want to link them?

2. Profile upgrade: I like. For one thing it got rid of the teenage tiled background my sister once picked out for me, “glamorous”, I think. The themes look like modern blog themes, much cleaner, not bad.

3. Advertisements: I think this is where MySpace is really losing to Facebook. Facebook ads are really innocuous, inconspicuously appearing on our right hand. They target information in our profiles, which creepy as it is, works. I’m happy to be identified with Madison, my hometown’s culture, Chinese language programs and great shoes. On MySpace there is one obnoxious bill board ad appearing above the cut off on your scrolling page, taking up about a third of the screen. The content for mine was Ciara, Burger King (I think), video ads for midlife crisis movies and even a “work from home” pyramid scheme. When you go to the homepage a smaller banner ad, Yahoo! email style stripes across the top, usually with moving pixelated characters.

4. Joni Mitchell is still singing.
The one thing I believe MySpace has rocked at is rock. Everytime you open my page the song I put up god knows when still plays. I’ve often search artists on the site without using my profile. I think everyone is waiting for a social music site, (since Apple’s Ping and iLike on Facebook failed). Pandora (newly IPOed), GrooveShark and Blip on Twitter have a good shot, but MySpace has approved itself as a starting place for grassroots bands and artists: Drake anyone? If they are to survive, I think leveraging music in profiles will be the way to go.

5. Editing is impossible! Well obviously not because I’ve managed to update the theme, delete my “fat year” pics and not to mention delete those awful “Pimp My Profile” graphics of Paris Hilton. (What was I thinking?) The usability is still horrendous though. You need to scroll far down to find a tiny edit button on the homepage.

6. No more coders control. When I’m asked in interviews do I know “html” I think back to the LiveJournal and MySpace glory days when we inserted little code snippets and edited in the “backends”. Those who host their own WordPress’s may also be familiar with those infant coding skills, but MySpace makes it clear “CSS” will be cleared out. So much for it really being “my space”.

Ok back to cleaning out content. “Sweetcheeks”, you messed with the wrong SEOer!

See my squeaky MySpace profile here.


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