The Han Wave…Coming Soon!!!

When I realized 20% of my tweets this week were dropping Korea, compared to my normal Sinophilic China-focus, I knew something was going on.

I have lived in a Korean immersion more than once:

First in “K-Town”, the Korean district of Beijing. A summer of tutoring Koreans, hanging out with Koreans, clubbing with Koreans…you get it.
Second in Annandale, the K-town of Washington, DC where I wrote copy for an all-Korean advertising agency.

Does my Twitter-focus then reveal my own Korean-tracked thinking or is there something going on? Your call, my tweet topics:

Naver – Korean search engine. Question searching before there was Quora.

Nicki Minaj & Will I Am – the Harajuku Barbie’s Korean repping music video.

Twitter goes Korean – The microblogger announced Korean as its 7th all-language site.

UPDATE: President Obama mentioned South Korea as an example so many times, one tweeter said: “I expected him to #FollowFriday South Korea…and its Tuesday!”

Something’s up, so I’m adding “Korea” to my blog topics. Chakamanyo, more to come.


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