SNL: All Hail Marcus Zuckerberg

Or maybe Jesse Eisenberg. This is definitely a divergence from my normal analytical posts, but that’s why I have a “ridiculosity” cateory: We all are, sometimes.

(WordPress doesn’t let you embed Hulu.)

You’ll have to forgive this Midwestern girl’s non PC comment: I thought Jewish guys are supposed to be funny? I mean Billy Crystal, Seinfeld, Jon Stewart? My people have the outrageous: Jonathan Swift, Conan, Will Ferrell; Their people (are supposed to) have witty banter and revealing behavioral commentary.

I felt so letdown by SNL, I’m wondering if the script was pre-approved. Zucks embarassingly bad performance showed little spontaneity, and given the Disney like propaganda videos FB’s been turning out this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republic of Facebook knew exactly what they were sending their not-so fearless leader into.

On that, the poor thing was bright pink by the end of it, despite the best joke being by Samberg on wardrobe: “My Zuckerberg? I just wear this sweatshirt.” (Seriously, 50 billion and still no blazer?) The Zuckerberg-Samberg resemblance did highlight the Jesse/Mark disparity: It’s not often someone makes a movie and the real person is actually significantly better looking and more likable than the actor. Jesse didn’t break a smile once.

Then again, if your best joke was the “28 day cycle” one, I’d hardly be cracking up either.


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