Rockmelt Not Melting Me (II)

Three hours after launching: Totally still using Firefox.
I didn’t set Rockmelt as my default browser, so Safari windows continue to pop-up from email and Twitter links. It uses tabs, and I like to have several windows going that I can x-out and screenshot independently.

The preview in searching is pretty cool. I think it only uses Google, which is annoying since I think Bing is doing a much better job sorting social content.
Check out this Quora answer I found about adding a Tumblr plug-in for Rockmelt. (Again, Quora’s SEO is mindblowing.) The Tumblr plug-in on my Firefox browser exponentially increased my usage and the fun factor in my posts. There is no Tumblr plug-in for Rockmelt though. 😦

As far as I can tell Rockmelt is like a highly sophisticated Twitter:
It’s a newsource type browser, focused mainly on sharing links and having an RSS feed coming at you from the right hand column. The shot below shows the way you add news feeds to the column. I’m still trying to figure out how bookmarking works, but these are more like RSS or Twitter newstreams.

The Twitter functionality isn’t that great. I LOVE the search feature, but Tweetdeck’s columns are so much easier to organize and navigate.

Tweetdeck is still more useful for me:
For those who don’t use Tweetdeck, a four-column snapshot. Typically notifications pop-up for tweets from everyone you follow, but Tweetdeck allows you to adjust the settings.
* Lists can be selected just like Rockmelt, to show say “only friends”. (Lists are a pain because they need to be hand-created.)
* Mentions column -My setting is so notification windows pop-up at a mention so I can have conversations while browsing the web.
* New Followers – I used to go through a filter folder in my email box with new follower notifications, but its easier to scroll through and block any spammers. (Hint: Women in bikinis, Eggheads and cat pictures)
* Direct Messages – Usually from my “real friends” or twitter friends. Keeps conversations from clogging up your followers feeds.
* Chats – Not show here, but a column with a hashtag makes “listening” or participating in chats easier. (Except for #blogchat. Can’t speed read that hot mess.)


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