Rockmelt: Overhyped? (I)

I watched the Rockmelt video a couple months ago and oooed and ahhhed at a social browsing platform. Finally right? I haven’t used Google Chrome, but the battle for our desktops seems to be an admitted defeat to Facebook. Whether Apple, Google or some small startup finally dominates the gateway to the web, it looks like Facebook is going to somehow integrated.

Looking at Rockmelt, it’s going to be pretty hard for me to give up my Firefox plug-in capes. Right now I have Haohao bookmarking, a Tumblr drop T, a Youtube population for the world’s best videos, some SEO tools and a magic Mandarin dictionary plug-in. Let’s see if Rockmelt is worth giving that up, huh?

I have yet to hear the correct answer what’s wrong with this picture.

This is the only application Rockmelt opped out access for. I have a “professional Facebook”, so I connected to that. (Twitter option is later.)

I said “No” to this the first time. The browser immediately collapsed. Post to my Facebook wall???

Ok we’re up and running! To be continued….


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