Social Media Optimization: It’s On! (II)

Jeremiah Owyang, whose tweets I quote a lot as he and along with @armano seem to be KOLs most inclined to sharing their every wit on every and any subject, had to say of the search something to the effect of:

“What I can gather of the Google and Bing search is its all ‘They started it first!’

What Jeremiah was referring to was the blogpost Google released this week, February 1st, stating Bing was using Google results to based most likely on web traffic to compensate for new topics. The discovery came about from searches on some odd diseases which are typically mispelled in searches. They weren’t appearing in the results for Bing until Google began auto-correcting the spelling and creating results.

Quick shout out: I first heard about this from my friend @jmansayshi, a recent grad with a master’s in IT and being a recent grad, someone with massive amounts of free time. He subscribes to Google’s RSS feeds, as do many of the search obsessed, and though he’s a Twitter newbie, I would suggest making friends for some more technical info.

This “discussion” in the semi-petulant key of “He said, she said” at the Farsight Conference in San Francisco, that same day as search heads took the fight on stage. We really are living in an instant response society. One of the benefits of basing in Silicon Valley is there’s always a conference.

On the panel was Matt Cutts of Google keeps a blog on all things search, and personally responded to me last week regarding my Marcus Zuckerberg search issues. Within a day of writing on his blog my site was fixed. He’s also the dude in the video in my first post “Rising Heat: SMO“. I like him. Though I prefer Bing, which put Harry Shum up to bat on stage with Matt. They also let in Rich Skrenta, of start-up search engine Blekko. (I guess because Yahoo is now partnered with Bing, and it would have taken too long to fly in Kaiser Kuo.) Here’s the video of the talk:

So this is basic search right, not social media optimization? Nope, it’s all connected. As I detailed in my last post, the browsing heat began to rise because Bing was doing better at using social media in its rankings. This put serious pressure on Google to innovate…or just find some dirt on Bing. Google responded in December, but also changed its algorithms recently; To what effect I don’t know, but I suspect it was social.

A “Jobst” messaged me after seeing my complaint on Matt’s blog saying the algorithms were messing with his customers’ rankings and he wanted to compare experiences. Matt Cutts had responded the algorithm changes shouldn’t have affected me, so I don’t think it was related to keywords. Mine I believe was just Google’s policing for spammers which may use mispelled search terms to boost their sites. (Marcus Zuckerberg is original!) Jobst was dealing with the common problem of article databases like Associated Press outranking him. Something Google seriously needs to fix…

Or they could just keep slinging mud. I, however, am onto social browsing, and I believe Bing is too!


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