Firefox Beta

Intro – Kari
With the release of Google Chrome, Firefox is facing serious competition for browsing. I’m a huge fan of Firefox because of the Add-ons which are like “Apps” for you web browser. I’ve been reviewing Flock and Rockmelt, new social browsers based on Google Chrome. Flock is excruciatingly slow despite being built on the “fastest browser”. Rockmelt is pretty fast, but Flock’s user design and social network integration is better and more complete.

This is a Twitter conversation with a guy who says he “can’t blog”. I could have stolen his insights and posted them…haha…but I wanted to try something new and add his expertise to this blog.

Twitter convo with Pravin Prakash, Computer Science Student, Texas. @pravin3832

What I like about 4 beta over 3.6.xx? First, there’s the UI (user interface). I actually like the fact that we have a lot more space for the webpage now.

And I seriously love the Orange ‘firefox’ button on the top left corner lol. And btw, the orange button is when you open firefox to the left top corner. I’m on Windows 7 and I’m sure that ‘s how it is on Windows Vista too. I don’t know if they have it on OSX. (I have a Mac and I don’t know what he was talking about.)

Then there’s the ‘panorama’ thingy, which can be used to group tabs – if you haven’t tried it yet, you have to, it’s kinda of amazing in a way. It comes standard with the Firefox 4 betas.

Then I like the fact that now we can install and uninstall extensions (some of them) without restart. That is called the ‘Jetpack’ project. Once that goes live – all addons will be just installed-without-restart. [The] good thing about it is that you can just try them out and delete them if you don’t like it all in very little time.

Most importantly I like how the 4 beta is faster AND smoother than 3.6.xx. There’s been tremendous improvement in javascript performance.


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