PearlTrees: Web 4.0 Social Bookmarking?

While we continue to consider the pros and cons of various content delivery sites, and companies like Yahoo, Mashable and Gawker try to come up with personalized delivery systems for their content, there’s a startup out there who has come up with an entirely different way to curate content.

Pearl Trees is completely unique as far as I’ve seen in content curation. It reminds me of a cross between a Prezi, a visual dictionary and social content curation. The best thing about Pearl Trees is unlike other social content curators, this is instantaneous and news oriented.

Prezi: Make Dynamic Presentations with Big Pictures

The reason Quora and Twitter can coexist is Quora is more permanent and reference oriented, like Wikipedia. With Twitter, if someone shares a link at 9 am and you log on at 4 pm, unless its retweeted, you will never see it. With Pearl Trees you keep all your bookmarks organized in a visual and topic oriented tree. The topics are organized like a visual dictionary with a root topic and bookmarks building off.

Visuwords: A New Dictionary

The way Pearl Trees really differentiates is in being a social network. To be clear: It’s not trying to compete with Facebook or Twitter. It’s interested in connecting people with similar topic interests in a more permanent and community building way than I believe Twitter currently offers. Both Facebook and LInkedIn, the dominant networks, discourage and prevent community connections outside your “networks”.

Pearl Trees: Share the Wealth

Pearl Trees acts much as chat rooms and discussion boards did in the web’s beginning, facilitating content sharing and new connections based on interests. Twitter has certainly done this with “Lists”, Follow Fridays and hashtags, but Pearl Trees’s bookmark oriented design, collaboration and organization I believe is a better resource for learning about new topics.

For example, rather than list out the ninety resources I care about in Chinese digital strategy and tweet links with hashtags about it hoping the right people will find it, I can create a Pearl Tree, a beautiful visual graphic that’s easily searchable. I can also find similar trees, and connect and collaborate with them.

Great idea: I’m not 100% sold though. We’ll have to see if this Pearl is market worthy.


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