Blekko Poking Google/Bing Fire

A couple months ago I started writing about the “Rising Heat” between Google and Bing. The competition began when it was revealed Bing was using social media in its search results, something Google hadn’t yet to mastered. As more people began to switch to Bing, it also became apparent Bing’s search results are “better”.

Most of you will have heard about Google and Bing’s all out spat after Google “discovered” Bing was allegedly using its results to improve searches for obscure terms. Bing countered that Google was also using their results. See “It’s On!” The two had it out publicly on a panel in Silicon Valley.

Also on that panel was search engine newbie, Blekko. I thought it was just to spice up the panel, but after Google came out with an extension for Chrome this month which directly copied Blekko’s site blocking strategy, Blekko is starting to look like a viable search competitor. Or at least another innovation instigator. The extension lets you actively block sites like “Associated Press” which turn out bad search results. Blekko already blocks sites like these from its general search results. Google’s extension allows you to customize them. See Google explanation here.

Two Problems with Chrome Extension:
1. It doesn’t work on the search previews.
2. It’s not fully compatible with SMO browsers like Flock and Rockmelt.

So what about Blekko? In a rare bout of laziness, I decided rather than attempt to summarize Blekko the amazing, to post a 42 minutes Youtube documentary of the company instead. Prepare to get Blekko overloaded, (if you have 42 minutes):


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