My First Blog Post

Well since Live Journal. First post I made on social media:

Social Media is a Stage

Godsofadvertising blogger wrote: social media is a mirror, where we will see ourselves, for better or worse. Shockingly, I don’t agree. Social media is a stage, where we all dream to be stars.

Whether you’re customizing your background, creating an avatar for your profile pic or untagging photos your good friends uploaded of you in a compromising situation, we edit the self-image our computer screen reflects.

It’s a tale as old as time, the human desire to enhance ourselves into something more perfect. In the real world a haircut, make-up, or a few borrowed jokes suffice, but in the digital world we can all be Generation 4.0 versions of our real selves. The edits are as impressive as our talents allow. Anyone can crop an image, spellcheck or “love long walks on the beach”, but digital masters will Photoshop, Javascript and optimize their way into surreal beauty and web stardom.

Andy Warhol, genius, said “in the future we will all be famous for fifteen minutes.” Remerci a Twitter, we are in fact famous for fifteen seconds each day.

Am I hypocrite to be blogging about this? Not at all, I wish you the best webstars. Whether you beam in the Twitterverse, shoot through Youtube channels, Flickr the brightest, Digg through websystems or superstream on 4square: Shine social media stars shine. I will be watching the skynet for you tonight. *


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