SXSW Startups on a Bus: New York

This is the first of the six cities startups. Wanted to put it out in manageable “bytes”

So SXSW is over and so is the reality show style Buspreneurs.
38 teams on a bus from around the country hacking away and pitching their startups.
Fifteen finalists, weeded down to two winners.

Mashable reported this story, but neglected to even list the companies, let alone what they all did. I went one further and listed the companies, whether they won and a PR suggestion, yours free for liking…reading my blog. Suggestions are for digital or PR strategists how they could use the apps for a client.


Concept: App to find friends through common interests.
PR Application: Can use it to find key influencers in topics on Twitter.

Wild Card
Concept: App to notify the correct authorities about problems in their district.
PR Application: Any utility company or city government could use this to notify the main headquarters, from cable companies to electricity. The notifications could create a grid which the analysts could use to pinpoint the problem’s origin and either dispatch their teams or reroute resources to the area. (Yo, yo, yo IBM you listening?)

Lemonade Stand
Concept: Make selling online easy. Snap a photo, enter the price, set GPS.
PR Application: Use it for “disruptive” marketing. Come up with goofy products to sell in random locations.

Spot on Trivia
Concept: Trivia game using Foursquare for trivia by location. Notifies you of friends competing in your area.
PR Application: Create a trivia account for your client. Have it located in interesting places they commonly check-in.

Concept: Aggregates statistics and crowdsources recommendations potential places for surgeries abroad.
PR Application: Could pair with travel companies offering deals on flights and hotel stays. Could partner with drug or pharmaceutical stores or manufacturers. Could be applicable to other hospitals and treatment facilities. Could be used for small businesses, like small clinics and private practices in the area.

Concept: Self-curation for popular content. You check your subject and get daily blurbs on those topics.
PR Application: I love this idea for getting news in small paragraphs because attention spans are getting so short and curation is the hot topic. The challenge for PR people will be the same, to make the news, or to tie their stories to popular memes like, unfortunately, Charlie Sheen.

Chicago teams here.
San Francisco teams here.
Silicon Valley teams here.
Miami teams here.
Cleveland teams here.


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