Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging

Sketch: “Sloth” by Jheronimus Bosch

Someone once taught me in a long-ago college prep course the brain is hardwired to remember things in sevens. It is also Lent afterall…so we will enjoy a seven minute post (with absolutely no guarantees) to get you into the Kingdom of Bloggers Heaven:

1. Sloth
Lazy bloggers beware! When you first start blogging you need at least 2, guaranteed posts, a week to get on the Google radar. Laziness will result in an abandoned blog. I led with sloth as per the sketch, and because I am from the Midwest where sloth is still the deadliest sin.

2. Lust
As Ogilvy put it, “In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex.” Meaning being sexy writing may work in Cosmo, but in your blog focus on what you want your reader to “buy”. In my case: My skills (not me). My blog is about showing off that I’m digitally savvy. (It worked too!)

3. Greed
“WANT MORE FOLLOWERS?” “EARN MONEY BLOGGING!” “WRITERS WANTED!” We hate them, they stalk us on Twitter, they fill up our email quotas. (Email boxes used to have quotas.) Don’t buy into gimmicks or awful auto-follow or auto-DMs. Build with integrity.

4. Anger
“Don’t blog angry,” was advice from one of my Twitter mentors, Alan Berkson. On the internet things never die, and most likely, whatever angry things you say especially about people will only reflect poorly on you. If you have negative opinions, (we all do), express them after you’ve calmed down and with clear, rational facts. Charm doesn’t hurt either.

5. Jealousy
Brian Solis has a billion readers. (Ok maybe like a million? 2,300 sites linking in.) I’m not going to reach his Technorati ranking anytime soon, nor am I probably going to rank on Technorati. It doesn’t bother me. As my career counselor put it, there’s a sphere of what you can control, ie, your writing, your pics, your SEO, and then there’s what you can’t control: Someone else’s writing, someone else’s followers, someone else’s connections. Focus on you.

6. Ego
The guy who we will basically call “Brian Solis’s mentor”, said to me about him that he “never lets it go to his head”. Well there may have a been a few moments…but that’s the separation line between someone who is relatable and likeable and…#Winning.

7. Gluttony
Yum yum yum. Overposting on a blog isn’t as much of a problem as overtweeting, which results in follower loss. In fact, I believe it was Jeremiah Owyang who noted that the people with the highest ranking on Klout have the lowest engagement. Sad. I would say avoid trying to write about everything though. Again, write what you know.

Or as I tell my bloggers for my company, write what you feel passionate about!

I’ll write on SMO, social media optimization, my next post. Now I’m employed as a “Community Strategist”, a title I was allowed to create for myself haha, I’ll be able to write more about the trials and tribulations of recruiting and managing a large online community.
I hope as I learn, people who find this blog will learn.


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