From Wired In to Wireless

My second ever blogpost, (since LiveJournal – good luck finding that), was entitled “I’m Wired In”, a phrase pulled from The Social Network to describe the feeling of being completely consumed in programming. I drew the common parallels with our digitally savvy society, and the artist’s tunnel vision when engrossed in their work.

Now I’m breaking the parallel, watching the walls of my digital tunnel disintegrate like Carlo Ratti’s water walls. Parting these water walls shooting rays of light of and lightning are my 4G LTE Thunderbolt and the iPad 2.

I am currently at the opening of my morning commute, sitting at a bus stop in a slightly isolated section of DC’s northwest side. My iPad 2 is balancing on my lap with six windows open: the designer case I intend to clothe it in (nearest Sak’s does not carry), my bank account (no phone app), Google docs, (I don’t own Word), a streaming video site, (state the obvious no tv),, (paperless bill pay, personal budgeting and statements), and Facebook, which got me through a weekend being social when I left my phone charger at work.

As I coo over my new fashion love, Rebecca Minkoff’s soft Italian leather, it occurs to me hobo bags won’t fit my MacBook Pro. It then occurs to me since receiving my iPad 2, I’ve barely cracked my MacBook. In fact the only use I have for this mobile computer, a laptop, is to run Tweetdeck, sync my iTunes library stream Amazon videos, (Flash is outlawed in iPads), and charge my other Apple products. As I hoist my light, rarely used, Kate Spade bag on my shoulder, I remember the last time I used my laptop.

When initially setting up my Thunderbolt, a Droid alone on Verizon’s 4G network, it kept jumping between the 3G and was impossible to use at my home. I am a Gossip Girl addict and will go to all lengths to see this weekly show. This is how I found myself sitting on a bench in DC having created a 4G mobile hotspot with my phone. I felt like a homeless person with really nice toys, praying it wouldn’t rain as I streamed uninterrupted in HD.

Verizon has since fixed my phone, and I have begun to realize, after months of not setting foot in a bank, mall, bookstore or library…I’m no longer Wired In, but Wireless. Thus begins my new challenge, to eliminate from my life any and everything which weighs me down, to burn with fire into steam the water walls separating my digital lives and my real.

The first step? Stop buying magazines…To be continued.


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