Quickie: Chinese Social Network Vocab

Partly because I haven’t blogged on China in awhile…partly because I was talking to @thePekingOrder of Ogilvy tonight…and partly because I’m restless for my summers in Beijing.

Courtesy of Renren, the dominant Chinese social network which I better not catch you calling “Chinese Facebook” or we won’t be pengyous, ming bai le?

Fun 乐趣 le4qu4 (literally joy)

Share 分享 fen4xiang3 (actually mean’s “get your share”!)

Connection 关系 guan1xi4 (most important word you’ll ever learn)

Real 真实 zhen1shi2 (prefer “zhende”, like “true dat”)

Discovery 发现 fa2xian4 (interesting because the fa means to show one’s feelings…not common in Kongfu culture)

Ever yours, the original White Coke.


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