Stuff I’m On: Updating List

These are the topic categories I’m currently most interested in. Listed underneath are some examples of companies doing them. Some of these are little startups that find me on Twitter, and a lot of these companies are big names.

Social Gaming:
SCVNGR, Zynga, Foursquare, Gowalla, Color

Universal ID
Gravatar, Google, Facebook, OpenID, MyID, Disqus,IdentityForge

Badgeville, OneTrueFan, BigDoor, Reputely, Gamify, Seriousity

Electronic Monetary Systems
Manilla, Personal, Starbucks App, Paypal, RabbitQR

Zoho,CloudApp, Node, HelloFax, Echo, Cloudera, Personal, Backupify

“FBCommerce” Social Commerce
(on Facebook) Payvment, (integrate) Magento, (integrate) Shopify, Multiply (separate network)

Payvment, Etsy, Paypal

LivingSocial, GroupOn, Foursquare, Clovr, CardStar (Groupon Partner), LevelUp, Gowalla, ShopKick, Loopt

Networking Sites
Meet Meme, LinkedIn

Finaces (personal, web), Numbers (business iPad)

Business Card Alternatives
Hollrback, Hashable, SociaCard,, Bump

Social Network Aggregators
GroupMe, Beluga, Kik, Addieu

Business Profiles
Skill Pages, Self Publicity

Photo Posting
Path, Color,

Creepy Advertising Software
RadiumOne, VigLink

Social Funding Sites
Kickstarter, Microgiving, Prosper

Social Content Curation
MashableFollow, PearlTrees, WriteonGlass, Twitter

Personalized Content Portals
Gawker, Genieo, AOL, Evernote

Social Media Optimization,
Google Plus 1, Wajam, Greplin, Google, Bing

Check-In Networks
Foursquare, GetGlue, SCVNGR, PathCrosser, Fast Society

Social Media Middleware or Social Media Management Systems
Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Meebo, Ping.Fm, FriendFeed, Expion

Knowledge Crowdsourcing
Quora, LED Face, Wikipedia, Focus, Soluto

Social Browsers
Rockmelt, Flock

Social Network Integration

Social Network Competitors
Linkedin, Togetherville, Everloop

Social Dashboards
Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, SproutSocial

CRM Management Programs
Ivinex, Salesforce, HubSpot

Social Gaming Browsers

China’s Social Media Development
Weibo, Renren, QQ, Kaixin

Korean Search and Gaming
Soompi, Eanswers, Naver

Fold It, Microtasking

SAP, Microsoft Virtual PC

Crowdsourcing Information
Hudong, Quora

Crowdsourcing Product Development
Starbucks, IBM, Threadless, Etsy

Science Social Networks
Science Advisory Board, American Chemical Society, SciLink, Nature Network, Doximity

Music Radios and Sharing
SoundTrckr, Spotify (still can’t get an invite), Blip.Fm, Grooveshark, Ping (Apple)

Augmented Reality

Natural Language Processing

Social Credit Sites
Klout, Twitalyzer, Color Warfare
, PeerIndex, Backlinks, PostRank

Web Market Research
Rapleaf, Hitwise

Hipster Social Music Sites
Navator, SoundCloud

Twitter: See Twitterdiction Post

Stuff I Need to Get On:
Mobile-Marketing – RIM
Nonprofit Digital:
SEM Management Platforms:

Stuff IDK where else to put:
Zotero for science research.


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