This blog is written by an “independent and searching mind” out to discover the limits of what’s possible, aiding enterprises pioneering the far reaches of our global economy.
For “Credentials”, see my LinkedIn Profile.

One of my former supervisors reps a quote that the new is a value add, not a fad. Whether it’s finance, globalization, science, fashion or tech, I am always seeking the new. Maybe it’s the Viking in me, but I have always been insatiably curious, pushing to see what’s beyond that next horizon, seeking to understand something simply because it’s a challenge.

Professional Career and Leadership

I am currently a full-time MBA student at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management.  I cannot describe in words how I have changed, grown and been catapulted forward towards my goals by attending a top MBA program with the collaborative, disciplined and morally conscious community Carlson cultivates. Having interned at Robert W. Baird during my MBA, I look forward to a career in investment banking where I can find fuel for the fire of entrepreneurs creating our future.


*quote attribution: George Soros


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