Social Networks I Use

From the Top:

Facebook – Joined in ’05, soon as I got my college email address from AU. My best friend Stephanie told me about it “Everyone’s on it!”. We used it to friend our roommates and “stalk” cute coeds. Pretty much what it was created for you know.

MySpace – My first post was five years ago, so I’m assuming I joined in 2006 as a way to stay up with high school friends when I was at college. Facebook had taken off though, I never really used it. I just gave it facelift to use it for SEO purposes.

LinkedIn – I’ve been a member since sometime in 2009, but I started using it regularly September 2009. It became an invaluable resource for connecting with people, learning about companies, and job- and internship-hunting. I have more LinkedIn than Quora emails. :O

Twitter – Apparently I joined August 2009…I didn’t really use it until January 2010 though, after being told I needed to “build my personal brand” if I wanted to get into digital. (Prior to this I wanted to work inhouse pharma.)

Foursquare – Joined in March last year as Foursquare began to blow up via #SXSW check-ins on Twitter. It is my most used app after Twitter, for navigation and restaurant recommendations. I have yet to get any “rewards” for my occasional mayorships though.

Blip – Member since June 9, 2010. 🙂 My co-intern who is a for real DJ introduced me to it. I love how it pushed to Twitter, and gives a steady stream of music from other DJs. Unlike streaming radios, you don’t have to worry about recycled music.

Netlog – Joined in August 2010. Belgian/Euro social networking site which claims 73 million members. My Chinese friend living in Hong Kong invited me to join, so it might be a way for Chinese people to skirt the Facebook ban and connect with foreigners.

GetGlue – Joined late November 2010. My digital-PR-savvy friends, @rosefinnerty and @niharagonsalves, were both using it. You check in for media like books, movies, etc. You get stickers, actually stickers, for checking-in. I’ve emailed back and forth with the founder, Alex Iskold a few times. He said they’ll be adding magazines soon, but have yet to figure out a revenue stream.

Sina.CN Joined Sina in December 2010 attempting to get into the Chinese social network, but recently discovered I prefer Renren (which my Chinese friends prefer). Just signed up for Weibo, the most popular of the three main Chinese microblogging sites.

Quora – Joined January 4th, after a discussion with @DavidSpinks and @MattCollier about Quora being a fad. I sided with Matt, and changed my mind two hours later to join up. It’s kinda awesome. More on Quora here.

Grooveshark – Joined this month, January, in my quest for a better music sharing platform. This one allows you to keep a file of your music and playlists, plus easy upload for new artist mp3s. Interface like iTunes, sharing like MySpace, and DJing like Blip.

Renren – Joined this month, January. I actually have been a member of Sina for about two months, but I keep hearing Renren is better. I found three of my Chinese friends on it right away, so I think it is. Way better functionality then Facebook!!

OneForty – Twitter tools rolodex. It includes “tool kits” on how to use them, tips for social media campaigns and is a great way to connect with top industry leaders, and see what successful campaigns they’ve built. Video that made me sign up.

Don’t bother asking “what apps do you use?” Other than Twitpic and Express Photoshop (kicks Instagram derriere), my iPhone’s main functions are to run Gmail, iTunes and Foursquare.

Jiepang – Chinese version of Foursquare.

It’s Here. Spotify:


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